Music Is A Great Form Of Expression

musicClassical music is the heart and soul of rock and roll. Some bands make the decision to explore that, to some extent, and this is part of what provides us with some of the most amazing art-rock around. Be it in the 60s, or 70s, or contemporarily – it packs a friggin punch. Progressive and psychedelic rock is where I see the most influence, but there is also also much going on in jazz. It is impossible to know where to begin, really. I suppose that with any piece of art, you should go with what moves you. You don’t need a degree in Fine Art to appreciate a painting or sculpture, though the additional knowledge and experience will undoubtedly serve to deepen and enrich the experience. The more you know, the greater your perception gets. And by more, I mean that eventually you will reach that Aristotelian resolution which we all make at some point: “all I know is that I know nothing.” Life wallops you sometimes, and leaves you in a right state. Such a state, in fact, that you are forced to admit your own ignorance,  concede your pride, and pick up a dollop of humility.

So, music. Music has it all. Music, not unlike dance, is a form of art and expression which is not always bound or governed by rules, languages, or presuppositions. It simply is. And it is wonderful in its complexity as it is in its simplicity. And sure, you can make rules and break them. You can set schools of thought and practice. You can rank people and instruments, and form hierarchies of competence. Those are all well and good, and they have their place. But eventually, the cardinal rule of any art is: does it move you? This will apply to different person in all kinds of ways, and rightly so. Otherwise, it would probably be so boring…

Music background. Color paint splashes. Gradient vector. EPS10.

This is why I am a fan of the idea and existence of pop, even though I am not such an avid listener of contemporary, shall we say, radio-friendly, 3:30- to 4:00-minute-long compositions. I love getting sucked into a 47-minute raga. By the time it is done, I have no idea where I am anywhere. I just went through something profound, you know?  Of course, even within that frame, there are things which speak to me, and things which do not. I am not excluding myself from the crowd. Hell no.

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The Oil Of Tea Tree

tea tree oil 3 This week has been one crazy week. I mean, I love the holidays, but the constant rush and overload of
food, not all of it (or rather, most of it not) healthy, just gets to me at some point. Plus, everyone has to
have their own separate family party. Over this and last week, I had one party on Wednesday, one on
Thursday, was invited to stay by a friend in a different city over the weekend, was invited to another
party on Monday night, and – get this – a wedding on Wednesday night. I mean, who even gets married
in the week of holidays?
Anyway, we (my husband and I) got invited to my friend for the weekend, which as I said, was in another
city. We got to the bus stop with plenty of time to spare, and according to the bus timetable and google,tea-tree-oil
the bus was coming in four minutes. Well, tens of busses came and went. Four minutes, five minutes, six
minutes came and went. And still, no sign of our bus. Finally, the bus we needed made its appearance. It
was already super late, and we were getting worried that we had missed the last bus for the day.
We struggled onto the bus with all our luggage, puffing, panting and sweating. I was wearing my coat
even though it was warm because I didn’t have enough hands to carry it. We settled down for the long
bus ride, and by the time we reached my friend’s house it was later than we would have liked. But
there’s nothing like a good friend’s company and a hot shower to calm you down, right? My friend is
one of those people who keeps about ten different sorts of shampoo in her shower. I love those kinds of
people. They literally cater to everyone. But, I found out, not everyone. She did have a decent selection
of shampoos, but – what about Tea Tree Oil shampoo?!
I know my friend knows about the importance of keeping healthy. She was a personal trainer before she
became a mom. She likes to eat healthily as much as possible. So why does she keep all these shampoos,
but not include Teat Tree Oil shampoo, with its gentle and natural ingredients, that nourishes your
Keeping your hair and scalp nourished is incredibly important. It isn’t just your body that reacts badly to
chemicals. In time, chemical-laden shampoos can cause scalp issues, like dandruff, hair loss or breakage.
So, I used a non-natural shampoo that Friday. Sure, it did the job, but it’s not the same as the natural
Tea Tree Oil shampoo that I know is doing only good things for my hair and scalp, like keeping it
nourished and hydrated, without attacking it.
I know my friend is health-conscious; like I said, she cares about what she eats and what her body looks
like. If she would only buy herself a bottle of Tea Tree Oil shampoo by maple Holistics, her hair could be just as healthy as
her body.

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What Do You Think About The LGBTQ Community

LGBTQ 1 When bill C16 went for approval in Canada, Professor Jordan Peterson of Toronto University released a few videos on the topic. C16 gad to do with correct use of pronouns, concerning the LGBTQ community.

He took a big chance doing that, and it seemed to have hit a nerve. At an interview he gave later, he said that those few videos should have been it. By rights, he says, he should have had his “15 minutes” and that is it. He should have had his time, and gone back into obscurity. But he didn’t.

Something happened there, and Dr. Peterson began gaining popularity. His videos, and course lectures, began to garner a wide audience.

Dr. Peterson, a clinical psychologist, is all about real education. It is as if he is the teacher of all those things we wished we learned in coJordan Peterson 1llege, but didn’t. He bases his lectures on the teachings of philosophers, religious texts, mythology, psychology, and psychoanalysis. He is one of the most well-articulated minds of our time, and he has just released his new book “12 Rules for Life – An Antidote to Chaos”. The book is doing well on the charts, and I don’t doubt it will be doing a lot better over time, once it gets around. I look forward to reading it soon.

The kind of education which Dr. Peterson puts forth is based on some of the most ancient texts we know of, and some of the more modern ones. He takes the 20th century as an example of how not to act, and makes a serious attempt at revitalizing old ideas which can benefit the modern man and woman.

Are colleges and universities dying? According to Dr. Peterson, some of them sure are. We need to find a new way of dealing with these crises.

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Get The London Look

rimmel 2 Here is what I love best about Rimmel – it is a company which encourages its consumer crowd to take risks and step out of their individual boxes. I love that. I like a company that has the guts to say no to conformity, and in the process become mainstream on their own! There is nothing wrong with being mainstream – it is how you go about it which makes that much more special.

Rimmel’s roots stretch back to the beginning of the 19th century in the UK, when Eugene Rimmel took up an apprenticeship at his father’s perfume business. Some time after that, in the 1830’s, Rimmel opened up his own shop, and he became highly successful. There is nothing about this doesn’t say “yes!”. It is a great story, and I love telling it because it can show you – yet again – what one inspired person can do. Rimmel went so far as to acquire the Spanish Queen and the King of Portugal as loyal returning customers. How about that?! Isn’t that just crazy?

As for the question of ‘does Rimmel test on animals’, this was answered in this review by Maple Holistics. Unfortuntely, while the company does intend to be cruelty-free, it engages in business with regions that have their own codes and regulations. In other words, in order to distribrimmel 1ute their products in certain parts of the world – China being the main one, and maybe the only one nowadays – those products must be tested on animals.

Because China is a huge chunk of the economy, Rimmel is unlikely to change their policy on engaging in commerce with the People’s Republic. Sad, but true. Far be it from be to tell anyone how to do business, but I do wish that China would change its policies on such matters.

The London look reminds me of David Bowie and Pink Floyd of the 1960’s. Don’t ask me why. I feel make up is a form of self-expression, if you choose to take it there, that is. For those of us who want to experiment and step outside of the norm, there is such a variety of products to test. Lashes, liner, lips – this is part of what Rimmel is all about, and man do they ever nail it.

It really is amazing what one can do with a few minutes and some skill. You walk into the bathroom one person, and by the time you leave it you are transformed and ready for a night out, or a day at the office. You know? Make up is more than just covering and unifying. It is about self-expression. That is part of what I love about make up. It can be very wild or very subtle. It is you, however you choose to show and display yourself to the outside world. Don’t settle for anything else than your true self, and sometimes your true self needs some color, some vitality, some extra oomph. This is Rimmel. This is London.

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Purple Is The Way For Hair


Purple shampoo became a thing in the 90’s. I am a sucker for the 90’s, and this fits nicely. I read somewhere that one of the earliest online mentions of purple shampoo had to do with removing yellow pee stains from a dog’s white coat. Well, if it is good enough to get the wee out of Snowflake’s fur, it is good enough to use on brassy tones.

If you had a dye job, you can definitely relate. Although, it isn’t only bleached or dyed blondes who have to deal with overly-yellow strands. Natural blondes can also develop a shade which is not truly their natural color.

Things like pollution, sun exposure, and hard water have a way of messing things up, so this shampoo is really for everyone. Even brunettes with highlights can benefit from using Joicio shampoo as reviewed on Maple Holistics once every 10 days or so. It can really make your highlightspop, especially on darker hair.

The idea is simple. Use purple color to balance out the yellow colors, because violet and yellow cancel each other out. They are spectrum opposites, and so they let the hair’s color look that much brighter. It is meant to be used once a week. You should probably, at least at first, use it twice. Once for up to about 20 minutes, and then rinse and apply once more for a few minutes, then rinse in cold water to let the hair shafts seal up.22947d790814cbd5d2086f632595422a

When you work in the shampoo, stay close to the roots at first, and then spread out to the rest of the hair. The roots are what determine the color, so the purple pigments must have a presence there. That first 20-minutes soak will not necessarily have to remain a part of your routine. It depends on the brand of shampoo, it depends on your hair color, and it depends on your scalp. Experiment and see what works best for you and your hair. If you find none of the store-bought products are giving you the results you want, try making your own purple shampoo. Some shampoo, some dye, and some creative spirit. There are many recipes online.

Don't use too much purple, or you may end up with a different color than you had envisioned. Too much pigmentation will cause the hair to look ashy and not healthy at all. Like I said – once a week is enough. Use the shampoo to maintain your color, and speaking of color – remember that purple dye can stain. Make sure to clear away anything which you don't want to accidentally become purple.

At some point, your dye job will lose its effect, of course. If you feel that it is time to head back to the salon, go with your gut. But, until that time comes, you can have the color you want with a little purple thrown into the mix. So cheer up! Sure, your life may be a mess, but that doesn’t mean your hair has to be! 

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Treehouse Learning

lodging-photo-bannerSelect File

Treehouse is a very unique massive open online course (MOOC) website. Unlike sites whose content is delivered by users-turned- mentors, or whose classes are ones filmed at colleges or universities (and given by their lecturers), Treehouse is famous for employing its own in-house teachers. It has no managers, and is run by its employees in a friendly and relatively free-spirited environment. It is a website which puts a lot into production, and that is not a given. There are many MOOCs which have a ton of courses, and even qualified instructors – but put very little thought into the filming, and have no production value.

Some may be okay with that, but I feel that you need to have a more polished look and feel, if you are interested in truly engaging online students. I am not saying that production is everything. Obviously, the basis of all quality education is the staff and the actual course material which can be read about on But, you have to admit that watching a well-lit, great-sounding video, shot in a studio by professionals, is a lot better than viewing a cheaply-made one shot at the home of a random, albeit experienced, user.

Treehouse’s goal is help those who are interested in making it in the information technology (IT) business. They have courses on web and app development, business, and anything in between. Their focus on IT is one which is attracting the attention of many students, and they currently have over 180,000 of them. Obviously, some are more active than others, but it is still a large number. A lot of MOOCs are all about learning at your own pace and in your own time. Treehouse’s course videos are generally broken up into up-to- 30-minute segments, which facilitate better knowledge retention, and allow the student to get things done faster. Many students can get individual segments done while on their morning or evening commute, and this is part of what makes the site so popular. mooc

From career changing novices to professional web developers looking to improve their digital chops, Treehouse has courses for anyone who is interested in programming and working in IT. They have entire tracks dedicated to beginners, which come as a bundle of videos and allow the student to go from basics to job readiness in a matter of months. The added bonus is that it is relatively inexpensive, especially compared to trade schools and designated hi-tech establishments.

Whether you want to learn a language for fun, or for your job, or in order to build a portfolio and land a new job – Treehouse has got you covered. Founded in 2011, the company has offices in Portland, Oregon and Orlando, Florida. There are over a dozen main categories and languages to choose from, with varying levels of skill and knowledge. It is a user-friendly website (obviously, it has to be), and there is a very active community of students. The forums are always busy, and there it can be a very dynamic experience. Treehouse even takes it one step further, and organizes real live events, such as lectures given by industry experts, which students can participate in.

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Finding A Balance With Jojoba

The jojoba plant is one of the first plants I ever put in my hair or face. Though I didn’t really know what it was at first, I remember the word appearing on bottles of hair gel, skin soothers, and moisturizers. After every time a mosquito bite would get too much to handle, I would put some jojoba lotion on it. Actually, to be exact, I believe it was jojoba and aloe superfood

Nourishing Jojoba

The plant is also known by its scientific name of simmondsia chenensis. Well, known and unknown, because nobody ever calls it that, outside of academics or cosmetics manufacturers. At any rate, it is a plant which is native to the desert areas of Mexico, Arizona, and California. The seeds of the jojoba plant are rich in oil, and the hotter the sun is, the better off the jojoba is. It flourishes in dry, sunny areas. These unrelenting environments and harsh conditions eventually produce a plant which is a real asset.

Many cosmetics products make use of the jojoba plant: creams, lotions, moisturizers, for both body and hair. Maple Holistics makes a great shampoo with jojoba oil. Jojoba has been nicknamed a skin superfood, because of the balance it brings to the skin’s pH (power of hydrogen) levels, and because it still stays very potent, even after manufacturers strip it of its traditional scent and color.

The jojoba helps bring balance, because it closely resembles the makeup of the body’s natural oil, the sebum. Sebum is created in sebaceous glands, which are located all over the body. There are places and body parts which house more glands, such as the face and scalp. The oil which is created is dispersed in relation to the area which it inhabits. Body parts like an elbow need a lot less sebum then, say, the forehead or cheeks.

Jojoba essential oil is absorbed easily (again, because of its resemblance to the body’s sebum), and it can be mixed with many different kinds of oils and substances. Jojoba can really affect the way the body hydrates and nourishes itself. Because of that, it is always recommended to use caution and follow instructions. It is not recommended to leave the skin dry and dehydrated. However, too much oil, of almost any kind, is not a good solution either.

It is about finding a balance. Letting the body go back to what it does best, and let it function seamlessly. If you add some jojoba to your daily routine, it can have a great effect on your complexion. The way to avoid any issues is simply to not overuse it, or else the sebaceous glands could be thrown out of whack. Remember: when it comes to natural cosmetics, we are basically giving the body a boost in the right direction. Jojoba is not meant to replace the body’s sebum, but rather acts as a supplement when necessary.

The jojoba plant, and especially its essential oil, is definitely a product which is great to have around the house. If treated well and stored properly, it can have a pretty long shelf life.


Staying Healthy Is An Attitude

We do a lot on the regular day to day. From work, emails, workouts our bodies are constantly moving and that’s a beautiful thing. There are many questions to how to live a healthy life. The question of “how often should I wash my hair” is a common one. The best answer which I am aware of, is: not every day. Now, to be clear, by washing I mean using shampoo and conditioner. Obviously, if you want to rinse your hair every day, you are more than encouraged to do so. In many cases, the water (cold water in particular) beating down on the scalp from a showerhead will encourage hair growth and healthy scalp-hair relations.

Left to its own devices, the body will normally produce an adequate amount of sebum, or natural body oil. This is done through the work of special glands, called sebaceous glands, which produce and disperse the oil in certain locations all over the body.



Some people are oilier then others, some are more prone to dryness and irritation. The key to healthy skin, hair, and face is balance. The problem with many chemical-laden cosmetics products, is that they can sometimes take the natural balance out of the equation, by substituting it with the ingredients which are listed on the back of the bottle.

So, when it comes to washing the hair, it is recommended you leave your hair care products alone for a few days, and see how your scalp and hair feel. Monitor their progress, and see if you are more on the dry side, the oily side, or if there’s no difference.

Once you are better aware of your body’s own mechanisms and processes, you will be able to find a natural product which suits your needs. Natural cosmetics aim to use non-synthetic elements. By doing that, all of the preservatives and artificial fragrances – which inhabit many beauty and hygiene products – are left out of your system. A natural product is more inclined to help the body along with its regular function, rather than try and implement a new order. This makes things much simpler, and guarantees that there is no buildup of potentially harmful substances in your system.

where has it goneWhen I quit using ordinary hair care products, and moved to all natural, non-residue products, I could feel how it is really achieving its goal. It is not that the older products were a failure. On the contrary, they did their job. I simply felt that it was taking a toll on me and my hair, and that I didn’t want to be there when it started falling out at age 38, or something. Okay, I may be exaggerating, but this was precisely the thought pattern that encouraged me to make the switch.

Even if you are completely satisfied with your hair care products, it is important that you know what you are putting into your body. Staying healthy is not just about exercise and nutrition. It is also about your attitude and state of mind. Using safer, more natural products – which usually don’t involve animal testing, if that interests you – is also a way to keep a healthy mindset. Give nature a shot. It may surprise you.

Better Emails With Grammarly

better emails with grammarlyWe are all mammals and monday’s treat us all the same. Here at mammal monday’s, this mammal loves to write. There is nothing more unprofessional than sending out a cover letter or resume with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. It is the fastest way to guarantee no-one ever reads them the whole way through, and the easiest way to get passed over. And nobody wants to be put in the junk pile, right?

This is a basic Grammarly review, based on the time I got to spend with it. It is a good piece of software, and there is a lot to say about its pros and cons. I’ll keep it short.

These days, writing good English is a must-have skill. It is used everywhere, and being an internationally-used language, it can be a liability or an asset. Programs like Grammarly make sure that what you are sending out is free of embarrassing mistakes.

Not only that, but Grammarly can also help you become a better writer. The ability to write and convey ideas clearly is a gift that some possess naturally, but it is also a learned skill. You can become a lot better than you are now, with the help of software such as this.

Grammarly advertises itself as being the world’s moscurate grammar checker, and this claim is not too far from the truth. It can help detect errors in your text, by using over 250 grammatical laws. It helps with punctuation, syntax, and spelling, and that means a lot.

The word processors which many of us use can be very beneficial, but there are many mistakes which these programs don’t catch. Grammarly detects mistakes up to 10-times more than Microsoft’s Word, for instance, and this is why it is the go-to choice for over 4 million people, all around the globe.

As far as pricing goes, Grammarly works on a subscription-based scale. For individuals (they have several plans) the pricing is as follows:

Monthly subscription – $30

3 months – $60

1 year – $140

writing is funWeb extensions – there is a free version, which is good, but they become fully functional after subscribing. Safari, Firefox, and Chrome work with Grammarly, and there are also Windows and Mac Apps.

So, if you are looking for a writing-enhancement software that can assist you with your schoolwork, job assignments, or social media posts – check out Gramamrly. It is web-based, so you can use it anywhere. It includes a plagiarism checker, so you can be sure that what you are writing is original. And it also helps you become a better writer, by using language algorithms that detect context and redundancy. It helps you choose how to express yourself, in a much clearer way.  A great review of Grammarly on explains further why using Grammarly can take your writing from bland to grand.

Many times, you want to send a message that is professional and easy to read. Grammarly can facilitate this desire, and help you advance your own English language skills along the way.