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Get The London Look

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rimmel 2 Here is what I love best about Rimmel – it is a company which encourages its consumer crowd to take risks and step out of their individual boxes. I love that. I like a company that has the guts to say no to conformity, and in the process become mainstream on their own! There is nothing wrong with being mainstream – it is how you go about it which makes that much more special.

Rimmel’s roots stretch back to the beginning of the 19th century in the UK, when Eugene Rimmel took up an apprenticeship at his father’s perfume business. Some time after that, in the 1830’s, Rimmel opened up his own shop, and he became highly successful. There is nothing about this doesn’t say “yes!”. It is a great story, and I love telling it because it can show you – yet again – what one inspired person can do. Rimmel went so far as to acquire the Spanish Queen and the King of Portugal as loyal returning customers. How about that?! Isn’t that just crazy?

As for the question of ‘does Rimmel test on animals’, this was answered in this review by Maple Holistics. Unfortuntely, while the company does intend to be cruelty-free, it engages in business with regions that have their own codes and regulations. In other words, in order to distribrimmel 1ute their products in certain parts of the world – China being the main one, and maybe the only one nowadays – those products must be tested on animals.

Because China is a huge chunk of the economy, Rimmel is unlikely to change their policy on engaging in commerce with the People’s Republic. Sad, but true. Far be it from be to tell anyone how to do business, but I do wish that China would change its policies on such matters.

The London look reminds me of David Bowie and Pink Floyd of the 1960’s. Don’t ask me why. I feel make up is a form of self-expression, if you choose to take it there, that is. For those of us who want to experiment and step outside of the norm, there is such a variety of products to test. Lashes, liner, lips – this is part of what Rimmel is all about, and man do they ever nail it.

It really is amazing what one can do with a few minutes and some skill. You walk into the bathroom one person, and by the time you leave it you are transformed and ready for a night out, or a day at the office. You know? Make up is more than just covering and unifying. It is about self-expression. That is part of what I love about make up. It can be very wild or very subtle. It is you, however you choose to show and display yourself to the outside world. Don’t settle for anything else than your true self, and sometimes your true self needs some color, some vitality, some extra oomph. This is Rimmel. This is London.

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