Purple Is The Way For Hair

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Purple shampoo became a thing in the 90’s. I am a sucker for the 90’s, and this fits nicely. I read somewhere that one of the earliest online mentions of purple shampoo had to do with removing yellow pee stains from a dog’s white coat. Well, if it is good enough to get the wee out of Snowflake’s fur, it is good enough to use on brassy tones.

If you had a dye job, you can definitely relate. Although, it isn’t only bleached or dyed blondes who have to deal with overly-yellow strands. Natural blondes can also develop a shade which is not truly their natural color.

Things like pollution, sun exposure, and hard water have a way of messing things up, so this shampoo is really for everyone. Even brunettes with highlights can benefit from using Joicio shampoo as reviewed on Maple Holistics once every 10 days or so. It can really make your highlightspop, especially on darker hair.

The idea is simple. Use purple color to balance out the yellow colors, because violet and yellow cancel each other out. They are spectrum opposites, and so they let the hair’s color look that much brighter. It is meant to be used once a week. You should probably, at least at first, use it twice. Once for up to about 20 minutes, and then rinse and apply once more for a few minutes, then rinse in cold water to let the hair shafts seal up.22947d790814cbd5d2086f632595422a

When you work in the shampoo, stay close to the roots at first, and then spread out to the rest of the hair. The roots are what determine the color, so the purple pigments must have a presence there. That first 20-minutes soak will not necessarily have to remain a part of your routine. It depends on the brand of shampoo, it depends on your hair color, and it depends on your scalp. Experiment and see what works best for you and your hair. If you find none of the store-bought products are giving you the results you want, try making your own purple shampoo. Some shampoo, some dye, and some creative spirit. There are many recipes online.

Don't use too much purple, or you may end up with a different color than you had envisioned. Too much pigmentation will cause the hair to look ashy and not healthy at all. Like I said – once a week is enough. Use the shampoo to maintain your color, and speaking of color – remember that purple dye can stain. Make sure to clear away anything which you don't want to accidentally become purple.

At some point, your dye job will lose its effect, of course. If you feel that it is time to head back to the salon, go with your gut. But, until that time comes, you can have the color you want with a little purple thrown into the mix. So cheer up! Sure, your life may be a mess, but that doesn’t mean your hair has to be! 

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