Better Emails With Grammarly

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better emails with grammarlyWe are all mammals and monday’s treat us all the same. Here at mammal monday’s, this mammal loves to write. There is nothing more unprofessional than sending out a cover letter or resume with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. It is the fastest way to guarantee no-one ever reads them the whole way through, and the easiest way to get passed over. And nobody wants to be put in the junk pile, right?

This is a basic Grammarly review, based on the time I got to spend with it. It is a good piece of software, and there is a lot to say about its pros and cons. I’ll keep it short.

These days, writing good English is a must-have skill. It is used everywhere, and being an internationally-used language, it can be a liability or an asset. Programs like Grammarly make sure that what you are sending out is free of embarrassing mistakes.

Not only that, but Grammarly can also help you become a better writer. The ability to write and convey ideas clearly is a gift that some possess naturally, but it is also a learned skill. You can become a lot better than you are now, with the help of software such as this.

Grammarly advertises itself as being the world’s moscurate grammar checker, and this claim is not too far from the truth. It can help detect errors in your text, by using over 250 grammatical laws. It helps with punctuation, syntax, and spelling, and that means a lot.

The word processors which many of us use can be very beneficial, but there are many mistakes which these programs don’t catch. Grammarly detects mistakes up to 10-times more than Microsoft’s Word, for instance, and this is why it is the go-to choice for over 4 million people, all around the globe.

As far as pricing goes, Grammarly works on a subscription-based scale. For individuals (they have several plans) the pricing is as follows:

Monthly subscription – $30

3 months – $60

1 year – $140

writing is funWeb extensions – there is a free version, which is good, but they become fully functional after subscribing. Safari, Firefox, and Chrome work with Grammarly, and there are also Windows and Mac Apps.

So, if you are looking for a writing-enhancement software that can assist you with your schoolwork, job assignments, or social media posts – check out Gramamrly. It is web-based, so you can use it anywhere. It includes a plagiarism checker, so you can be sure that what you are writing is original. And it also helps you become a better writer, by using language algorithms that detect context and redundancy. It helps you choose how to express yourself, in a much clearer way.  A great review of Grammarly on explains further why using Grammarly can take your writing from bland to grand.

Many times, you want to send a message that is professional and easy to read. Grammarly can facilitate this desire, and help you advance your own English language skills along the way.

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