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Treehouse is a very unique massive open online course (MOOC) website. Unlike sites whose content is delivered by users-turned- mentors, or whose classes are ones filmed at colleges or universities (and given by their lecturers), Treehouse is famous for employing its own in-house teachers. It has no managers, and is run by its employees in a friendly and relatively free-spirited environment. It is a website which puts a lot into production, and that is not a given. There are many MOOCs which have a ton of courses, and even qualified instructors – but put very little thought into the filming, and have no production value.

Some may be okay with that, but I feel that you need to have a more polished look and feel, if you are interested in truly engaging online students. I am not saying that production is everything. Obviously, the basis of all quality education is the staff and the actual course material which can be read about on But, you have to admit that watching a well-lit, great-sounding video, shot in a studio by professionals, is a lot better than viewing a cheaply-made one shot at the home of a random, albeit experienced, user.

Treehouse’s goal is help those who are interested in making it in the information technology (IT) business. They have courses on web and app development, business, and anything in between. Their focus on IT is one which is attracting the attention of many students, and they currently have over 180,000 of them. Obviously, some are more active than others, but it is still a large number. A lot of MOOCs are all about learning at your own pace and in your own time. Treehouse’s course videos are generally broken up into up-to- 30-minute segments, which facilitate better knowledge retention, and allow the student to get things done faster. Many students can get individual segments done while on their morning or evening commute, and this is part of what makes the site so popular. mooc

From career changing novices to professional web developers looking to improve their digital chops, Treehouse has courses for anyone who is interested in programming and working in IT. They have entire tracks dedicated to beginners, which come as a bundle of videos and allow the student to go from basics to job readiness in a matter of months. The added bonus is that it is relatively inexpensive, especially compared to trade schools and designated hi-tech establishments.

Whether you want to learn a language for fun, or for your job, or in order to build a portfolio and land a new job – Treehouse has got you covered. Founded in 2011, the company has offices in Portland, Oregon and Orlando, Florida. There are over a dozen main categories and languages to choose from, with varying levels of skill and knowledge. It is a user-friendly website (obviously, it has to be), and there is a very active community of students. The forums are always busy, and there it can be a very dynamic experience. Treehouse even takes it one step further, and organizes real live events, such as lectures given by industry experts, which students can participate in.

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